During the 15 days before harvesting, grapes are tasted to have an idea of their maturity – Even if all the elements seem to indicate that grapes are ready, tasting is the key to make sure the maturity is complete.

Once grapes are perfectly ripped, they are hand-picked by a team of professionals, then settled in a small boxes. This process is done in just a few hours. A first manual sorting is carried out in the cellar for the grapes stems to be removed. Each grape is then automatically sorted according to its weight. The crushed berries are then put into the tanks.

“Grapes whose destiny is to be part of the Gabriel Lauzat vintage are harvested by night, by people equipped with headlamp. Low temperatures are restricting the oxidation reaction and are ensuring the preservation of the aromas and their structure. Jean-Edouard Tribaudeau, initiator of the Lauzat vintage.